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The Premier South Bend Tattoo and Piercing Studio


Tattoo & Piercing

Fully Custom Tattoo & Body Piercings

This custom modern studio, located near South Bend, is fully loaded with the most up to date technology for clients new and old to come check out the work of our very talented staff of artists. Come find out why we are the number one South Bend Tattoo Studio.

Offering the most up to date techniques in tattooing and body piercing. Come get pierced by one of our highly trained body piercers, using only the highest quality materials for our body jewelry and aftercare products. 

Our Tattooers styles Range from new school, realism, American traditional, script, black And grey, portraits, and illustrative style tattooing. You will find that each of our artists specialize in what your looking for. Weather it's your next big piece, or a specialized piercing, come 
check out why our customers keep coming back.  Crowned raven is The South Bend tattoo studio, one of the top spots for a custom tattoo in US, and the only area piercing specialty shop rocking out the best art, tattoos and piercings in the area!

Tattoo Keys


Crowned Raven Tattoo Artist Valeria Busquets

Custer Dierks

The newest addition to the team, professional tattoo artist Custer Dierks brings a unique approach specializing in neo-traditional and macabre realism.  

Custer's unique eye for mixing reality with dark fantasy and spiritual images offer a perspective unparalleled in the midwest.  The three best words to describe Custer's style are Gruesome, Funky, Organic.


Valeria Busquets 


Professional tattoo artist and piercer at Crowned Raven Tattoo in Osceola Indiana.  Along with running her own Studio in Michigan City, Val has also held spots at most of the top South Bend tattoo studios. She incorporates her formal training along with her unique perspective and style to rock out some of the best Tattoos in the South Bend area.   Check out the portfolio! Love doing custom pieces!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.23.53 AM.png

Mj Smith


Business manager and apprentice piercer, Mj helps keep things running smooth so the artist can focus on what they do best.  With an interest in always continuing to learn more, Mj is currently apprenticing to become a professional piercer.  A South Bend native, Mj has always enjoyed art and tattoos, her piercing apprenticeship is just her first step in her journey in the local Tattoo industry.


The Premier South Bend Tattoo and Piercing Studio


Piercing Glasses
Browse our Galleries here and on our Artists Pages

Whether you are just looking for some tattoo ideas, cool tattoo's we've done, new tattoo designs check out our galleries.  Browse through our full custom designs, or check out some of our more popular concepts like Rose Tattoos, Dragon Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, Skull Tattoos, Flower Tattoos, Cross Tattoos, Wolf Tattoos or want to check out some of the half and full sleeve tattoos we've done it's all in our gallery.

The Premier South Bend Tattoo and Piercing Studio



Tattoo Arrows
We offer full Body Piercing services. 

Our staff are fully trained performse the most diverse piercing projects, as well as educated to help problem solve any piercings you currently have.  At least one member of our team can perform any piercing your body is suited to that you can imagine.  We offer a safe and private piercing experience specializing in all genital piercing (Female-Male), Nipple piercings, Surface piercings, and Surface anchors (aka micro dermal piercing).


As well as piercing we offer assistance in proper stretching methods and jewelry insertions for all of the South Bend , Mishawaka , Osceola , Elkhart , Indiana and Surrounding areas in addition to our custom tattoo services.

Piercing Ring

The Premier South Bend Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Tattoo Crown



Weather it's appointment availability for your next custom sleeve, if you're looking for the best tattoo shop near me, you want to discuss the complex piercing you have in mind, or you are just tired of the same old tattoo parlor experience you get elsewhere, come see why Crowned Raven Tattoo, Inc. is the premier studio in South Bend today.



991 Lincolnway West, Osceola, IN 46561

Tel: 574-651-9270



Stop in for a consultation, or just to see why we are

the premier South Bend Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Tuesday - Thursday: Noon - 7pm
​​Friday & Saturday  : Noon - 9pm
​Sunday & Monday by appointment

The Premier South Bend Tattoo and Piercing Studio

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Tattoo Policies

Each client is required to put down a non-refundable deposit when scheduling a tattoo appointment.  View the Deposit Policy here.​  

Pay your deposit online :

Cash Register link to deposits

There are a few simple things that you can do to ensure you have the best experience possible, as well as to help the overall health of the tattoo.

 To view the appointment preparation steps you can take here.​  

Stop into the studio today for a consultation, located in downtown Osceola, just minutes from South Bend, Tattoo and Piercing consultations are offered as a walk-in service.


Proper aftercare is essential to the vibrance and longevity of tattoos.The steps you take to protect your new tattoo will keep your tattoo looking the same for decades. Improper care can lead to faded tattoos, tattoos with blurry edges, lost color, or distorted designs or skin infections. 

Your artist will provide you with aftercare instructions at the completion of each session and you will be emailed a reminder approximately 24 hours after your appointment.

To view our full aftercare guidelines click here.

The Premier South Bend Tattoo and Piercing Studio

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